Wednesday, February 9, 2011

is it written all over my face?

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Thank you Meleah for being the most amazing second (or first, whatever). And for letting me dance on your rug.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

the difference a day makes

Has anybody seen a baby?
Because I've misplaced mine.

Things you really MUST know about NieNie:
She is, of course, very interesting.

She's a leg grabber. Usually when I'm on the phone, have my hands covered in raw chicken, writing a love note to Mr B. And then my pants fall down.

She thinks life is hilarious. No relation to the previous sentence. Because that was not funny.

She has Goofy teeth. Please don't tell me that the gap will eventually close. I will hear not one word of it.

She throws her pacifiers out of her bed. And very quickly becomes seriously offended. "WHO HAD THE AUDACITY!!??"

She has one blond curl. And if she doesn't have a blond curl please shake me "Whats the matter with you? I almost didn't recognize your baby!"

She does great Popeye impersonations: 200edited

She loves blueberries. A word of caution new parents, just one word. Ration.

She also loves Mr. B. As much as she loves me. Which is HUGE in our family of estrogen, I mean women.

She makes our world go round.

She's one. Darn it all.