Tuesday, January 26, 2010

37 weeks

heatherwalker (15)
No timer was set.
No Chichi behind the glass laughing at my feet.
Just an amazing friend with a beautiful talent for photography.

heatherwalker (27)

heatherwalker (30)

heatherwalker (31)

heatherwalker (24)
Thank you Heather for doing what photos do best and freezing some time for me. I will be forever grateful that I swallowed my pride and had them done. They are just lovely.

To 38 weeks, and beyond! (maybe)

Thursday, January 14, 2010


The previous posted picture was taken with a timer. But the rounder I get the harder it is to move fast enough to catch the shutter! So I enlisted a guest photographer this time.

2010 01 11_3956 copy

I am so impressed with her work. Wow,what an eye.

The only downer is...
2010 01 11_3959 copy

Totally and very weirdly unprofessional.

So I snatched the camera away and huffed "Let's see how you like it!"

2010 01 11_3951 copy

She liked it.

The End.

P.S. Thank you millions to all of my sweet friends who commented on the last post. I will love you forever. Almost as much as I love black shirts that hide every thing.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

tick tock

2010 01 07_3942

There is nothing that makes you feel more sophisticated than buying a van and breast pads in the same trip. Move over, I'm coming through.