Saturday, May 5, 2012


215edited My little sister got married. And I died when she asked me to be the photographer. Really. I fell over and died right there in my pajama bottoms. B walked in and there I was, on the floor, dead. With my tongue sticking out.

Now it's over and THANK HEAVENS I didn't ruin anything. I did trip a few times though.

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i know


{Photo shoot by me of the beautiful Garofolo family.}

"I know" is one of NieNie's favorite sayings right now. 
  Your'e dripping on your shirt. "I know." 
Wow. That's a stinky diaper. "I know." 
Mommy needs a nap. "I know." 
 Last week she stole B's chair during dinner. So he got to squeeze his man body into her little toddler sized one. "Man, this is uncomfortable," he moaned. "I know," she replied. "I sit dare."

You don't need to tell me that I'm super lucky to around so many beautiful families. I know. 225edited