Sunday, August 30, 2009


Patience to get you.

Patience to let you grow.
2009 08 28_2242

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

lovely friendship

I miss Kristi.

I miss her so much that I haven't thought about poopy diapers in 3 weeks! That's how much Kristi I lack in my life. I loved Ivy's little poopy diapers.

One consolation is that she's online. A lot. I am so thankful for that.

The other day our chat conversation went something like this:

Kristi: Hey! I miss you so so much. How are you doing without me?

Ralphie: Bread! I love bread!

Kristi: I want to come back. Pleeeeheheheeease take me back!

Ralphie: I love rolls and pitas and naan and scones and

Kristi: Um. Hello?

Ralphie: and cinnamon rolls! Oh man I LURVE cinnamon rolls.

Then I proceeded to drowned her in links of picture upon picture of cinnamon rolls and cried on to my keyboard because I really wanted her to come over and make some with me. Which she would have, easily forgetting the fact that it was 10:00pm.

The next day I found these at my door:
2009 08 22_2227
2009 08 22_2231

With an accompanying note:
2009 08 22_2232

I am so grateful for good friends. I love it that Kristi was thoughtful enough to mention to Jeannie that I have been craving bread. And I am so humbled that Jeannie would take the time to make these most fantastic cinnamon rolls ever ever ever and sneak them over to my house.

What wonders good friendship does to a person. I feel comfortable, cozy, and very full of happiness and cinnamon rolls.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

favorite things

A couple of days ago I was desperate for something to give Miss Naughty to do.

draw smiley faces on Chichi's stomach, arms and face
teach introductory class on booty shaking (still thinks this is hilarious, still waiting for the phase to be over, or not)
stress out the neighbor's dog by barking back for 30 minutes
eat bowls of sugar

It seems like when left to her own devices, my daughter is far too creative for the good of the human race.

So I grabbed the point and shoot and told her to take pictures of all her favorite things. Lots and lots of pictures, for hours if she wanted.

Um. Wow.

In no particular order, a few of Queen NaNa's favorite things:

2009 08 03_1901
Albus. "I could have been a contender."

2009 08 03_1899
Squeal inducing happiness.

2009 08 03_1889
Young impressionable girls love Barbie. Just look at Chichi's expression. "I'm enamoured."

2009 08 03_1898

2009 08 03_1902
A cookie with a strong will to live.

2009 08 03_1909

2009 08 03_1926
The apple falls far from the tree.

2009 08 03_1928
Or not!

2009 08 03_1907
I asked and she said, "I don't know. I just love that picture Mom. I look great."

2009 08 03_1876
Successful booty dance instruction.

2009 08 03_1872

And last, my personal favorite:

2009 08 03_1937

Thursday, August 13, 2009

i hate to wake you up... part two

But they did anyway.

Man, I am getting significantly less sleep. I need friends who promise to stay put.

Bart and Janssen. You really can't have one with out the other. In fact my kids call them Bartonjanssen. Bart frequents their abuse by being called Janssen, and hilarity ensues.

We will miss these guys so much. We've made a lot of history in the short time they have been here, and I'm so glad that I was able to take their pictures if only to have them immortalized in my vast files of photos forever.

They're totally coming back to see us though. Totally.

2009 08 12_2126

2009 08 12_2122 copyb&w

2009 08 12_2165 copy

2009 08 12_2181 copy

2009 08 12_2174

2009 08 12_2187 copy

2009 08 12_2184 copyvintage2

2009 08 12_2136 copyb&w


2009 08 12_2198

2009 08 12_2215