Saturday, September 26, 2009


Sometimes life gives us exactly what we need:

2009 09 25_2357 copy


2009 09 25_2367

And sometimes it comes with a theme song. Which B has been singing for 4 days straight.

I love it when he belts out "I'm an or-din-ary WOOOOOMAN with feeeeelings"

Friday, September 18, 2009

what i think i know

2009 09 15_2291

Dear people who have taken pitty on me and subcribe to this blog,

(Hi Mom!)

In the next few weeks I will be teaching a photography class (someone should have their head examined) and it's going to be all about the basics.

Your mission:

HuuLP Meh! Give me some pointers. What things would you like to know? What do you struggle with? And what sort of tutorials would you like to see on here?

2009 09 15_2287 copy
2009 09 15_2294 copy

Thanks! And for answering my question you'll get a personal comment from yours truly giving you a very enthusiastic thumbs up.

Also, the meaning of life.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

party over here

2009 08 24_2225
A young miss who was supposed to be pondering the wickedness of her refusal to help her older sister clean up the toy room. Instead she found a great opportunity to catch up on some zs.

Would some one put me in a time out, please?

Also, thank you thank you to all the well wishers out there! I'm feelin' the love, people. This baby will be well squished, I can promise you that.

A few answers to some FAQs:

1. Yes, that is me in the photo.

2. No, I do not bite my nails. I like them short, short 'n sassy.

3. B took the photo. He nearly threw out his back crouching down low enough to get the right angle. Personal sacrifice, that's what a marriage is all about.

4. I'm feeling great. As strong as an ox. (If you see B tell him my back aches, my feet are blue, I might be having twins, and I'm in great need of homemade pancakes and caramel popcorn.)

5. With a side order of bubble bath.

6. I am due early February.

7. No! I can't hardly stand it! I am so happy. I just grin and hold my breath while I feel little thump thumps all day long. Lucky lucky me.