Monday, January 9, 2012

priorites 2012

christmas 21012

Can you FEEL it? It's here my friend. That crispy new 2 at the end for your 201. I am a huge fan already.

Last year my overall goal of "back to the basics" was a big success! Basics in 2011 included:
less computer time (obviously)
homemade applesauce
no movies on school days
lots of books at bedtime- including Mrs. Frisby and Rats of NIMH, Witches, and Sarah Plain and Tall
a wheat grinder for my birthday
more time outside (thanks to the new playset in the backyard)
summer book camps
capping on photo shoots (that meant telling people "no", eeep!)
praise and loving words- a workout for your mouth when you're bitting your tongue
subscribing to a CSA box
making up lots of games to learn new things
recruting little bodies- as long as I am specific on expectations they are so good at helping

This year, 2012, I have a new theme. I'm pretty stoked.

Schedule My Priorities

That simply means that if something is important to me, I schedule it. And then I do it. Mad science, I know.

My goals for the new year reflect this, and believe me so does my calendar. But it's beautiful in it's simplicity too. I hope to document our year in photos of all our priorites. Big and small.

So tell me, what are your priorities and when do you schedule them?